To be with you, all is well 

Without you, all is hell

How I feel without you

Like there’s no fire in hell

I can express myself with tears

But with words, it’s hard to tell

Every single pore of my body 

cries and screams like a church-bell 

I know reality is bitter

And my dreams have no spell

I know you have chains on your feet

And I’m a prisoner of a dark well

You are a part of me forever 

How come I can make you expel ?

My love for you will never decrease

I loved you,I do love you and I shall 

If you are mine, then even hell is heaven

Without you my heaven is like a hell


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

54 responses to “DEVOTION 

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  2. My Brother, My Bard,
    this didn’t tug at my heart,
    It felt like a huge piece of machinery ripped into my chest,
    took a strangle-hold on my heart,
    then ripped it out,
    but leaving a huge empty void.
    While it feels almost painful to even think, much less remember,
    I didn’t come empty handed Yaz:
    I nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award, you can see the details here:

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  3. Thanks for sharing such soul inspiring poems. This particular poem brought tears into my eyes. I love it. Thank you once again.

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