About The Author

Yaz is the creative author of The Falling Thoughts.

A travel enthusiast, who is multi-lingual- fluent in Arabic, English, and Spanish.

He is a citizen of the world who has been to more than half of the world and is planning to see the rest.

He is passionate and sensitive and loves to showcase his creativity through writing, drawing, sketching and painting.

He is down to earth and has a strong faith in God.

Yaz uses this space to express words to inspire people to be more in touch with their feelings and thoughts.

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131 responses to “About The Author

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  3. So back in October I added you to a list of cream-of-the-crop blogs with versatile writers who I wanted to share with my readers. I am extremely choosy in who I pick and have only finally today published that list. Congrats on your awesome blog! Keeping writing, your passion flows from the pages!

    I’m a Versatile Blogger!

    ☀ Memee

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  4. Hey There Yaz,

    Just want to thank you for following my blog and liking my posts. Your site is very impressive. You have quite a collection of poetry. Looking forward to read your works. Thanks again!

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  5. Where are you My Bard, My Good Friend. How can this Ranger face the day with less than Three.
    Never forget the place forever reserved, at my fire, in my thoughts, in my heart, and always in my prayers.
    I send all Good Things your way
    Always And All Ways


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