One year has been passed

Without her,life is not being fair

My soul is aching and heart is on spear

I aged so much just in one year

Colour of the sky,makes me cry

My eyes have left with no tears

I feel your presence everywhere

I can smell your fragrance in the air

My eyes are looking for you everywhere

Are you aware?, you there? ,can you hear?

Could you please talk to me

I have so many stories to share

Who should I call and tell ?

All my dreams and nightmares

Since you left me mama

No one calls me to come downstairs

I Just want to let you know,don’t you worry

When its get cold I have a jacket to wear

Above the sky you are watching me

For you I am eating on time ,I swear

I want to kiss on your forehead

Massage your feet and make your hair

But mama why are you over there

You took off in your sleep,I wasn’t prepare

I am praying for the person

Who taught me prayers

You are a kid till your mother is alive

After her ,you will be middle of nowhere

Everyone who has a mother out there

Appreciate her ,give her love and care


© 2023 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

13 responses to “M❤️THER

  1. Thank you for visiting JanBeek and leaving your calling card so I could find you! I can see we are kindred spirits. I wrote about my mom today, too… Ah, we were blessed indeed to have known such love ❤

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