A lady entered her million dollar house

With all the shopping bags in her hands

Her body was a live’ add of all the famous brands

She just bought a watch for 5 grand

She called her nanny to give her a hand

Nanny had tears in her eyes; she was in pain

The lady asked her, “what happened?

With  the picture in her hand

She asked to borrow 500 dollars

As her mother passed away in Thailand

The land lady said, “oh honey”

You  are in pain, I can understand 

We’re broke,we just bought a new land

Tonight my husband and I are 

going on vacation to Switzerland

You can grow big and expand 

but remember; if you don’t share

You are useless like a swamp-land


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

53 responses to “GLUTTONY 

  1. That’s the true nature of many people. It will be there always. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Just shows how selfish people can be. They have no thought about spending money on unimportant things like a watch or designer clothes but baulk at the though of giving money to someone in need. People are so materialistic these days and compassion for others has been forgotten about!

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  3. Hi Word Warrior. The more you have the more you want! Few rich many poor! Is it not written the meek shall rule the earth. As it has been for centuries the so called elite seem to rule! Thank you so much for liking my poem Drones! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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