Love is a game, that’s why

There are so many players

A house is on fire and

A man is having an affair

The Woman is working hard

While her babies are being raised in daycare

Relationship becomes Relationshit

If you are not sincerer

Clubs and bars are full

Churches are empty on Sunday prayer

The Poor are taxpayers

The Rich people are on welfare

Every pretty woman is looking for Richard Gere

Humans become angels

when they care and share


ยฉ 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

73 responses to “STRIFE

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  3. It is a very lovely poem, from beginning to end, but the last two lines resonated with me the most. I am often in amazement when someone is willing to lend a helping hand. After they have done so, I don’t see them the same, they are somehow brighter…well said Yaz. Thank you for sharing โ˜บ

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