“We are all running for someone ,do we have time to stop and see who is running after us “ ?

99 responses to “Amor

  1. Don’t we all wish we could find that someone who suddenly makes our life perfect but if we’re truly honest with ourselves, we need to make those changes ourselves and take some responsibility for where we are and improving our road. That is something I’ve come to appreciate as I grown older (but not OLD, mind you!) I have also wondered about some of those admirers I didn’t notice because I was too focused on Mr UNattainable, which also was a bit of a self-protection thing. So many thoughts and a great poem/song xx Rowena

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  2. Very, very pretty, Yaz! โ€ฆ as he let go of his pride to pick up the rocks, her beauty was revealed to her, deep in her heart; he served her as the woman that he knew she could be, and through his love, evolved her beautiful identity. Pride will shackle her; fearless demonstrations of love will set her free!

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      • My Friend and Brother, I have got to do a post to all Our Friends, and let all of you know how I have let all of the Friends down, BUT I have already resolved to do much better.
        My Brother, it is an Honor that Our pathways through life intersected, it is a pleasure meeting and getting to know even a tiny bit, such a writer as yourself.
        I hope you don’t mind, but you are the first person I have ever been inclined to call you a Bard, or liken you to one. Does it bother you My Friend????

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  3. Great poem ;flows gently yet passionately like a wave in the ocean , i going to do this for myself hold my own hand , remove all the rocks , feel the sun , walk in barefeet oh such great words for meditation thank you ,

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