My grandmother always told me

“don’t cry for the sun after sunset. With tears in your eyes you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of the moon and stars.
Lately, I have seen many of my friends crying over their breakups; loosing someone you love is hard and its even harder to see him or her with someone else.
We need to remember, that we can’t loose someone we never had. Only one thing is permanent in this world and that is “change”. Truly, it’s better to accept the change and be part of the change. When I was growing up my grandfather advised me in a funny way, he said Yaz, don’t you ever worry if you ever miss the girl or the bus because the next one is on its way.

During the time Prophet Noah was building his arc, Noah’s son asked, is this the end? He simply replied, no it’s the beginning. Every beginning has a end and every end has a new beginning .


Life is precious and very short. You will never be more younger than today. Its like you are selling ice and its melting to water. If you don’t find a buyer, you won’t have anything to sell. Time is running out! Why would you waste one day of your precious life for someone who doesn’t even care for your tears, so enjoy your life.

We shouldn’t cross the river for a person who doesn’t want to cross a puddle for us

It may sound a little selfish, but do you know what reality is ?
In a relationship when we forgive someone, we give them a license to do the same thing again. I believe the saying that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. One day, my sad friend approached me after his break up. He was crying and I said, if you want to cry, then cry. I told him cry until your eyes dry out, but the next day don’t repeat the same thing. We don’t celebrate victory more than one day. We don’t laugh at the same joke twice. Therefore, why should we be sad over and over again for the same cause. Be a brand new person, move on and someone will come into your life; it will then help you realize that why it didn’t work with anybody else. Spring comes right after winter, God knows what is best for you. You will never give a sharp knife to your kid to play with. No matter how much he cries for it. God has a plan for us so trust his plan. He is the greatest planner and he knows when and where to give it to you.


Everything thing will fall at the right moment and in the right place. Do you realize that everything has an expiry date? Even glasses, cups and plates have their own time. When their time comes they slip away from our hands because it was meant to be broken for that moment, so does relationships.

Relationships all have time limits, right after a moment passes it will never be the same, no matter how much you try to work for it. Sometimes I feel Its insane that we used to spend all our time with the same person we couldn’t be without for one moment. Once they used to be apart of our life day and night, but now you can’t even remember them or how they look like.
Thats what life is all about; your either alone or with someone, so you have to enjoy your life. A river is called a river until its flowing. The moment it stops flowing it will turn into a lake, so keep flowing and never stop.

If your partner asks you honey we need to talk, I think we should take a break to figure it out. Look right in his eyes and say ,yes go ahead and prove it .They will most likely fool around only to come running back on their convenience as they’re going no where. Everytime sex occurs with someone hes not connected to, emptiness will be prominent. If anything he will feel miserable and call you to make sure you are still in the loop. Don’t bother to answer, just block the number. When you become stronger, the other person will automatically become weaker. Be confident no matter what, you will loose it before you even start it.


1. A friendship turns into relationship but a relationship doesn’t go back to a friendship, so make some new friends.

2. No need to keep in touch ,it’s like staying in touch with your kidnapper after they set you free, it’s over.

3.They say If you ever fall, I will be there. Trust me, if you will fall only floor will be there to catch you. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

4. Don’t have regrets and beat yourself with, “if I would have” and if “I could have”. We cannot change one second of our past.

5. Being happy is the best revenge. Realistically, who’s stopping you from being happy, other than your own self.

6. Give things time, with time things will heal. Don’t be a “jumper” rushing for your next relationship. You may end up comparing him or her with your ex.

7. Love and respect yourself in order to receive it. How can you make a good sword with rusty iron.

Take that person out of your life and allow things to go back to normal. Take the burden off your shoulder, it no longer serves you.

Here’s an inspiring story i would love to share by my grandmother ๐Ÿ™‚

Once upon a time there was a hunter who caught a little bird. The bird said to the hunter “I am so little I don’t have enough meat on my body to fill your stomach so Iets make a deal, if you don’t kill me and you set me free, I will give you three pieces of advice. Those advices will help you throughout your life.”

The hunter thought about it for a moment while the bird claimed “I’m not going to just fly away.” The bird continued and said “the first advice I will tell you on your arm, the second advice I will tell you on your shoulder and the third one on the wall.” The hunter said “ok” and set him free. The first advice the bird gave to the hunter is, “use your own mind before believing something.”

Then the bird sat on his shoulder and gave him his second advice “NO matter how expensive something is, don’t cry when you loose it.”

The bird flew and sat on the wall and said to the hunter, “you are a unlucky man and stupid too.” The hunter asked him “why what did I do wrong?” and the bird said, “I have a 10 karat diamond in my stomach. If you killed me you would of had that diamond and could have been the richest person in the town.”
As soon as the hunter heard this, he started crying, biting his hands and cursing at himself. He wondered why he set the bird free and he began begging the bird to come. The bird was watching the whole act quietly. Finally, the hunter calmed down while wiping his tears; he asked the bird for his third advice.
The bird replied, “you didn’t act on my first two pieces of advice” so there is no need to give you the third one.
The hunter said “what did I do wrong?”
The bird said, “I told you to not cry for anything once you lose it, and look what you did.”

“I told you, don’t believe impossible things. My own weight is not even 8 karats and how the hell is it possible to have 10 karats of diamonds in my stomach.” The bird smiled at the hunter and flew away


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151 responses to “BREAKUP 2 MAKEUP

  1. Thanks so much for your attention to my blog! I really appreciated this piece. So much wisdom from different angles and places included in this post. Nice job pulling it all together. I really liked a lot of the quotes as well. And how you shared the wisdom of your grandparents. So sweet and special that they taught you through these means.
    Thank you. These things are good for me to hear right now. Things I have also been learning from my own experiences, and from friends, and reading.

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  3. Those are some great memes that you chose but your writing is so engaging. Your grandmother was a wise woman and apparently, a masterful storyteller and you’ve kept up her legacy.
    It’s one thing to say you’re going to move on from an experience, armed with the lesson but without the resentment – but it’s not easy. I know I say I won’t cry for what I’ve lost but it’s hard to remember and not miss it. Life requires more than just good intentions – we also have to work hard to back up those plans with purposeful actions. I’ve been talking a lot about intentional living this week because I’m doing a program (I’m not sure if you read that post so feel free to check it out at
    I am following you now and I hope you’ll follow me too.

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  5. Hi. You liked one of my blogs and when I saw you had Gravatar I just moaned. Unless someone has put their email or one of their recent posts on their, I can’t figure out how to penetrate that program. And now there is this thing called Ping!!! Silicon Valley justs keep inventing things that are supposed to bring us closer together but the opposite is true of their efforts. I loved this story about breakups.

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  6. Such wise words. It’s akin to chasing a dog when you want it to return to you. If only people would think before taking action and believe that having self respect is very underrated and yet so important in a healthy relationship. Great writing. Inspirational.

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  7. Sensible commentary on the subject. People come into and go out of our lives, sometimes a blessing they are gone but far too often a heartbreaking experience. However, I think we must be careful not to base our own self on who is or who is not in our lives. Who we are should not be contingent upon others. Then again we are social animals…

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  8. Excellent post! Every single word of it just excellent! and love the pic of the sleeping baby because truly that is just how I sleep! Nothing weighing you down like that when you keep single! ๐Ÿ™‚ Very glad to have found your blog!

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