Stars sun and moon 

Blackberry galaxy and iPhone  

Dad is playing video games 

Mother is listening to her new tunes

Grandma is in the nursing home 

So kids are watching a cartoon 

Gps tracking and drones

Instagram Facebook and iTunes  

Technology took our relations away 

Only friend we need is a cellphone 

© 2016 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

31 responses to “TECHNOLOGY 

  1. This is sadly true. I do love my technology I will admit, BUT it does NOT replace face to face talking to a friend or family! Glad to say that I just got back from having lunch with a friend. No cell phones were used 😉

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  2. I don’t want to give up technology but it is sad that we have replaced face to face with a device. So easy to ignore each other but then I am old and remember a different time. Oh, well, we can’t go back. At least we are communicating. Timely poem.

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  3. Your post certainly hits a nerve with me. I disconnected myself from the world of Facebook a few years ago and all I ever hear about are the ‘missed’ occurrences in my family and friends lives. How sad that we only reach out to one another electronically anymore. What happened to the face-to-face or even just a mere phone call to share the sorrows and grace in our life? The personal has become so impersonal…

    Your post encourages me to try to do better ‘on my part’ to nurture the relationships I have in my own life!!

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  4. Sad, but you are so right. Many years ago, I banned all kind of phone calls, while we were having dinner etc., because I found it more important to talk directly with my kids around the table.
    Back then, my kids disagreed but today they don’t use their mobiles, while they are having food in their own homes 🙂

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  6. There is a deep sadness tangled amongst these words that seem to direct and blunt. They are blunt, yet they have an edge unseen and it cuts very deep. For some the words are just words and to others who care to untangle the thorny words and are wary of the sharp edges laying hid, the meaning will bring tears. Those tears will bring a reward in revealing the true meaning. Roses grow among thorns.
    I truly love your poem. Thank you. I apologize if my comment is confusing.

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