There is half of a moon in the sky

I’m wondering where is the other half?

Maybe he is shy

Maybe he saw you naked

While you were walking on the clouds!

Maybe he didn’t know that God made someone more beautiful than him

Maybe he questioned, if the world needs his light

When the world has you, whom is so bright

Tonight the sky is silent and the stars are frightened

Because if you once again decide to walk on the clouds

The moon may lose it’s other half

So they are praying for you to have a deep sleep

With me by my side


© 2016 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved 

26 responses to “FEAR

  1. I love when reading something it makes my heart beat faster! It all read so beautifully but truly the line ‘Tonight the sky is silent and the stars are frightened’ was beyond poetic!

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  2. Master Bard, strange how men can and will march to the beat of a drum, day in and day out, in the driving rain, through red hot deserts, over frozen mountains, on and on, so much like the machines that follow along behind, mindlessly.
    Yet each of these men can, in an instant, be taken higher than any bird could fly, or lower than the feeling of being keelhauled knowing the debt was only half paid, with only one knowing glance from THE woman.
    En Garde

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