Reality Check!

Stress headache and anxiety 

What happened to the society?

Professional sinner and piety 

Spirituality having dinner with brutality  

Cheater is raping loyalty

A lie laughing at honesty 

Necessity compromised with morality 

Shame showing her skin for popularity 

Cat gave up on her curiosity 

Dishonesty dating dignity 

Capitalist is a brother of royalty

They want to kill the poor not the poverty 

Minority ruling over majority

Robber giving some charity

Killer talking about legality 

People wanna be a celebrity

Celebrities running from reality

Love strangled by sexuality 

What’s happening to our society?

Islam, Judaism and Christianity 

Humanity should be our priority 

Son of Adam wants more than his capacity 

At the end all we need is, 6 feet of property 

Call my name and you will have peace 

God Almighty gave you the surety


ยฉ 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

55 responses to “Reality Check!

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  2. quote: “Whatโ€™s happening to our society?”
    That’s what I’m asking myself every day .. and I’m not even as long on this earth as you, I guess.
    I’m convinced that I was raised in the wrong generation .. but can’t do anything about it, you know. Just have to say: I enjoy your poems, they’re really well written. Goes straigt to my poet`s heart ๐Ÿ™‚
    greetings maxithinks

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  3. This was very honest and beautiful! I loved it! You captured so many flaws of humanity stripping it naked and exposing it for what it really is and that they need only seek one true place, comfort and knowledge for peace.

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  4. Some powerful, hard-hitting lines in this one. The comparisons you draw are interesting and thought provoking. We certainly live in a very confused world, in which many values (moral or otherwise) seem to have been turned topsy-turvy. Well written poem.

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  5. Wow! Just wow! ๐Ÿ˜€ This could be a song you know! I could litterally feel a beat while reading it lol OK I have to share this one too! Bravo! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  6. Yaz, so much I’d like to say, but another minute is gone, and the sky falling….
    You are the second man here on WordPress, that at some point in time, realized the hurried scribbled letters and numbers of homework so long ago, actually moved with your thoughts; but no, they didn’t. Then again, and you knew the truth, it was the WAY you wrote the words.
    After that (I am only guessing, for each it is different), homework wasn’t so bad.
    Soon, your words became an old man that smiled, as he baited a young boy’s hook, then smiled proudly as you caught your first fish.
    One day, your words became a Happy Santa Claus, HO-HO-HO, as the young man stepped out into the cold; hoping he’d get the job, his mood brightened, as he watched the first flakes of the Canadian snow.
    My Friend, never let anyone steal your rank;
    few can train the recruits, the words that line-up and are your warriors.

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