I drew this, it’s called

“The other half ”

No one can claim to know someone 100% .we all are full of surprises .isn’t it ?


50 responses to “Mystery 

  1. Hello my friend
    The sketch is beautiful. I’ve been on both sizes of the surprises. Sometimes they suck and leave you wounded, sometimes you keep growing to become one.
    I hope you are well. My invitation stands, you can email me.

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  2. I like the good surprises myself. When someone does something to restore your faith in humanity or God, I like that. Lately though my surprises have been the opposite. People you thought you knew and trusted turning out to be charlatans. Nice sketch BTW. Have a great day.

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  4. Love this, it’s so true. I often wonder how well I really know my loved ones. I know they have good hearts but are they still hiding something? I think we all want to be loved and may not reveal parts of us we think unlovable. Love your sketch!

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