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Social media and social disorder

3rd world countries and new world order

Social animal build a fancy cage

One world with many borders

Life is cheap and living is harder

A Little child has drowned in front of his father

Empty stomach and less feeders

Holy books and less readers

Poor public and rich leaders

They want us to be just breeders

The Misled can become succeeders

A Capitalist stealing milk from a kids feeder

Stubborn  behavior less to consider

Muted actions and words are louder

A bee involved in conspiracy with a spider

Refugees are dying at the border

Imperialist has a court order

Awards are being sold by awarder

We are all worried to get our bread n butter

As we forgot about “God” who’s a provider


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

150 responses to “TYRANNY

  1. I and my wife really like this poem, I am going to share it on the outlets that I have available to me. This is one of the best poems that I have ever read.

    Liked by 1 person

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