Why do I love you ?

I would say…

Your beautiful curly hair

Colour of your eyes

Your  sexy walk

Your  sweet talk

The way you look at me

The way you kiss me

Your glowing skin

Your  soft hands

Your  juicy lips

Your angelic smile

Your european legs

Your attractive figure

Your soft baby cheeks

The warmth of your touch

The softness of your heart

There are million things that I could say…

But What i really want to say…

It’s not very easy to say

I can’t express in words

Why I love you 

I believe God made me for you

And you have been created for me

We belong to each other

I don’t know why I love you?

But all I know !

Without you I am like…

Body without soul

Flower without fragrance

Sky without stars

Eyes without sight

Moon without light

Heart without rhythm

Speech without words

Birds without wings

Crown without King

I am nothing without you

I love you more than I could show

I love you more than you will ever know


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

125 responses to “REASONS

  1. Oh my God, that was so beautiful. True love is not from this earth and therefore can never be put in symbols of this earth. But you said right that so beautifully that you actually did put love in words. Wonderful!

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  2. That was my previous perspective. Lately, I’ve been asking myself, “How can you like the outward form? How can you like body parts? You have to get in touch with the soul/individual/person housed within.”

    I can appreciate your beautiful expression in praise of the form interspersed with longings of the soul. Your soul is appreciating the beautiful form. It’s so beautifully merged the spirit/soul and the form/body. Sometimes we are at loss with regard to the object of our desire/affection.

    Great thoughts though!

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  4. It’s like half of that are things you need, and the other half things you cannot live without. Somehow the same, somehow very different. “Crown without king” was a very nice line for me. Great poem.

    Thanks for liking my posts [] [].

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  5. Very beautiful poem……….it should or could be a song. It moved me….it made me wanting and wishing someone loved me like that and said those special words from his heart. You made my day…..dreaming….thank you. Hugs 🙂

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  6. Your words are so beautiful and straight from the heart. I was wondering about European legs as well and read your response. I qualify at 36 inseam, woo-hoo! Never knew that before. Your site is very lovely. Nice work!

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  7. Through your journey of “why loving someone” i had been swinging with thoughts of being in love from line to line, word to word 🙂
    It’s so beautiful with the pure innocence of the heart
    Glad of having you into my family, welcome to “themissiontomars, it would be fun riding along with you and others 🙂
    Stay blessed and happy 🙂


  8. Nice poem to read this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

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