Breaching The Code

It was Christmas Eve

When Eve met Steve

 He was a friend of Adam 

They both worked in Tel Aviv

He came to their house for dinner 

She was traumatized and puked 

after what she saw, she had no choice but to leave

Adam was kissing Steve 

It was so shocking to Eve

It was so hard to believe 

She felt disgusted 

Her tears were falling on her sleeves

She was asking herself 

Is that the reason why

from Adams ribs God created Eve?

So one day he would cheat and deceive

Adam was created for Eve not for Steve  

O children of Adam and Eve!

If you break the code you will grieve 

What you sow you will reap

Today what you give, tomorrow you will receive


*This poem is based on a true story.

© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

56 responses to “Breaching The Code

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  2. Some “Adams” wimp out and go for Steve when it was all just a matter of finding the right “Eve”. They feel inadequate so to a lie, they bend – unaware that road they’ve taken is just a dead end…

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  3. I know a guy who used to be married, then divorced, and is now gay. Saw him with his new male spouse at the DMV, waiting to help his daughter (from his first marriage, of course) get her driver’s license. I wondered about what his daughter thought of his life…and other kids of previously straight-married parents.

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  4. It’s a whole new life we live what was then is not now
    What was written has to be a new interruption
    Life is for ever changing
    I can’t keep up with it all the time
    It a very big learning curve
    I don’t know the answer
    Yet i know that one exists
    As always Sheldon

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  5. It all happen so fast this morning when I read this piece
    It’s a real solid piece you can tell it comes from experience
    Well this is what inspired me to write Mother and Son
    Thank you my friend
    As always Sheldon

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  6. Thank you for this poem; and the note which states that its based on a true story. Many lives have been ruined by this type of behavior. Reaping where you did not sow is treading on dangerous ground. I want to warmly congratulate you on a job well done.

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  7. That’s a sad story. But as it reminds me of the anti-gay saying “It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” I wonder how to think about it. Some idiots might see the further reason for his cheating as he is gay, even though there exist both heterosexual and homosexual persons which cheat on their partners.

    Maybe the right choice is the sarcasm and Black humour showed by xkcd’s comic about this topic, where Adam announces: “It’s Adam and Eve, not Abel and Eve” and “Abel and Steve would be fine. I like Steve” By the way, have you heard of him before?

    On the other hand, that of course doesn’t legitimate actions like these :-/
    It’s very disappointing hearing stories of this kind again and again, but in your poems it flows in innocence and makes it even Herder to realise…

    A comment stated here above was, being gay would be a matter of choice. But according to my opinion this isn’t entirely right: In my eyes it’s neither an illness nor directly inheriditatet, but there are in fact genes which do increase a disposition to this phenomenon, and the other way round.
    So those people which are straight actually are (if they aren’t lying) and those who are gay, are gay too. But you may notice that there are people with black hair and blonde hair, but there are far more colours and shades between. And in this range of sexuality you can decide how to live (at least in a society which accepts your choice).

    So trying to persuade a gay of not being gay is useless, but the other way round wouldn’t be helpful either. This leads to the conclusion that we should find out how we actually are inside and don’t be concered about how other people decide. And as we are honest to ourselves, our next step is being honest to the others too. How can somebody be upright to anyone, if he/she betrays him/herself?

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