A little kid was curious,

He asked his mother:

Why is the sky blue?

And clouds are white?

Why is my skin black?

And yours is white?

Why doesn’t dad live with us?

And why do you guys always fight?

Why do tears taste salty?

And why do I have to be alone on weekend nights?

When the sky gets dark,

Why do the stars look so bright?

Mother was playing with her new phone.

She had to get ready, her boyfriend was coming soon.

She grabbed his arm with an angry look.

Go watch T.V or read a book.

I have a headache, still need to cook.

Still didn’t get a chance to update my status on Facebook.


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

51 responses to “Delinquency

  1. An interesting exploration of the makings of a delinguent. As a former secondary teacher, I’ve done a lot of work on delinquency, and being neglected emotionally, denied love and attention, is a huge factor in its cause. 🙂

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  2. Excellent job! So very true. Another reason why I’m not on FB and get bugged by folks who are on it just about every single hour on their phones.

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