Painter, butcher and baker

Smart phones and hackers

Real people and fakers

Joker and terminator

Broken marriages and mediator

Caregiver and caretaker

Preacher and master-bater 

Graveyards and movie theatre 

Real lover and hater

Patriot acts like a traitor 

Vegetarian eating like an alligator 

Buddha killing like a gladiator 

Devil is on vacation 

He has hired religious predator 

We forget to live and forgive 

Giver has become a taker 

Creations forgot about their creator 

God looking for a new translator 


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

35 responses to “NEW ERA

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      • Wouldn’t you know it, I got a bottleneck somewhere, because it hasn’t made it to Google yet.
        But, I suppose you have figured out that I haven’t made it to G+ yet.
        Too many long hours, start of a new year, and just coming up on the new year on WordPress. We never dreamed Our G+ Page would be more, this time, I went all out.
        But I hope you know that when I get a moment, we are going to talk, at least to know each other. In fact I will probably go on to G+ and send you an invitation,

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      • My Good Friend, what picture am I hearing about???? I can see that I must use Google Talk now, but I so much prefer My BlackBerry Messenger, we will talk My Brother…. Later, I want 1 more post first, please

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