Roses are red, yes they are really  red 

But why they become fade 

And lose their shade

In front of that girl

When she speak in colour

Roses get afraid

Roses are red, yes they are really  red

but why feel jealous

and they become scent less

In front of that girl

who created by God, for love and bless

Stars are bright, they are really bright

But why they become disappear

Do they have any fear?

From that girl, who is so bright

Even sun borrowed from her, his sunlight!

Stars are bright, yes they really are bright

But they cannot stay

And they have to go away

When she wake up

And start her day!


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

16 responses to “She

  1. That truly is an amazing and heartfelt poem!

    That girl whom you wrote it to must be really lucky to be so truly loved (if you indeed wrote it to someone special that is)

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  2. aham!!! beautiful poem… i can see your deep love for ‘she’ in your poems…looking forward to read more of your poems…. wherever she is, she must be blusing, blushing for the guy who wrote for her and made her feel special. i must say lucky girl ‘she’ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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